Be The Supernatural You!

“Sometimes people just need confirmation, whether it be confirmation from someone who has passed, confirming what they are feeling or sensing, or even to bring to the surface things that may have been suppressed. Sometimes they just need a little nudge. That’s what I’m here for.”

~Jan Nadamoto

After 18 years in the technology field and as an on and off caregiver, Jan truly understands what it means to love and honor yourself. She knows how important it is to have that “Aha Moment” to make truly magnificent life changes and experience life the way you are meant to live.

Jan is a gifted Intuitive Reader, Medium, and Healer. Because each person is unique, she works with different modalities and uses a variety of “tools” to help you reconnect to who you are truly meant to be – pain-free and emotionally balanced.

Jan believes in empowerment through awareness and healing. She empowers you by giving you information, tools, and processes to work with as you continue healing yourself and the root cause of your challenges. Her methods help discover the true cause of your illness so that you can heal from it instead of just covering the symptoms.

For beautiful and vibrant flowers to grow, we need to remove the weeds first!

Jan is an Empath and a Channeler, but she is also a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, and Medium. So, she often feels much deeper and to the core of what you are feeling and can help with releasing any negative emotions or thoughts.

With integrity, compassion, and humor, Jan delivers messages in a straightforward manner. Some call her delivery a “balls to the walls” approach combined with fun and laughs. One of her nicknames is “Yoda.”

Jan is a certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Facial, Foot, Ocular and Hand Reflexologist. She combines Facial Reflexology, Foot Reflexology, Essential Oils, Intuition, and the Bemer Mat to provide her clients with a unique therapy session that is above and beyond a typical massage and reflexology session.

Jan also works with her son to clear entities from individuals and houses, bring back symbols from a planet that a few souls are from for individual and general use.