Chakra Light Essence Roll-On – Magenta


  • Brings you in contact with the Universal Energy, which is far beyond the earthly plane.
  • Promotes a deeper self-confidence through self-identity.
  • Helps you to open up for channelling.
  • Creates a willingness in you to serve in altruistic ways.

Directions: With the first breath in, focus your mind on the inner space of your body. In a second breath, send your thoughts to your subconscious and request to connect your will to the memory bank at the back of your head, the medulla oblongata, which is your Magenta energy centre. Ask the Essence to release any negative influences. With the third breath in, bring yourself in contact with the Universe and all the Cosmic Energies. Use this Essence every morning and evening or as felt needed.


Chakra Light Essences have been designed to open your energy centres so that they are functioning actively, radiantly and strongly.

Chakra Light Essences work directly on your electrical system to facilitate balance on all levels. Physically, they balance the body by reconnecting and adjusting the electrical system. Emotionally and mentally, they assist in identifying and transforming emotional and mental patterns. Spiritually, they foster your connection to your higher self and the universe.

By using the correct Chakra Light Essence, you can immediately balance your electrical system and stop the domino effect that is causing existing problems. The language of light and colour alters the memory and substructures of our inner personal cosmic language that in turn affects our physiological, neurological, biochemical and cosmological levels of thought. Since Chakra Light Essences are made using an intricate Alchemy process, their powerful formula helps facilitate human life to enjoy exciting new dimensions of being. This key to awareness is encoded within colour and other harmonic structures that exist in Chakra Light Essences.

Also, the unity of one’s entirety is resultant of connecting the body and mind to other levels of consciousness – we say aligning your chakras. Bringing the chakras into harmony requires some chakras to be energized and this can be simply and safely achieved through the use of Colour Energy’s incredible Chakra Light Essences.


  • Use to raise your frequency to give you the power to address any issues that relate to that vibration
  • Use to balance and recharge a colour intelligence centre
  • Use to access and safely release hidden or repressed energy blockages
  • Apply with intention of that energy to strengthen your connection to the various levels of your being that relate to that frequency