Crystal Light Spiritual Sprays – Sacral – Orange

These high powered Spiritual Sprays are made with holy water, essential oils, alchemy flower essences and vibrational frequencies programmed using crystals, sound, colour, planets, sacred geometry and other energies found in nature.

The concept behind these high powered Spiritual Sprays is to remind the body's energy field of it's original "colour" blueprint. Restoring balance to imbalances, in turn, our body, mind & spirit can return to a harmonic state.


With Gemstones of Carnelian & Goldstone

The Orange Essence enlivens the feelings of your Emotional Intelligence that includes your senses, desires and zest for life.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Holy Water and the Spectral Energies of: Essential Oils (Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Mandarin, Blood Orange, Neroli, Nutmeg & Vanilla), Alchemy Essences and dozens of Vibrational Frequencies.[/expand]