Be The Supernatural You!

Remember the Real You! Forgetting the REAL YOU is too easy!

Do you know who the real you is??? 

How do you find the real you????

Find your way back to living a life that matches your inner desires!

Physical, mental or emotional illnesses can develop if you are not TRULY your authentic, happy self.
Taking a pill may remove the symptoms but the underlying reason is still there…

Get to the root of the problem!

…without taking medications to suppress the symptoms, balance chemicals or hormones.


Break free from limits, move forward in life, and finally achieve your dreams!

Integrate difficult or uncomfortable emotions with ease and grace!

Start dreaming (for yourself!) again!

Work on releasing emotions or situations that no longer serve you so that you can stop pushing the breaks and accelerator for your dreams at the same time!

Feel fulfilled and live a life of meaning!

Start healing yourself naturally and get back to doing all the things your illness or pain has made challenging!


Transform Now!

Everyone is unique so plans are the same! 

Based on your goals and what you need, I will customize a plan that is just for YOU!

Upcoming Workshops:  Talk directly to your Spirit Guides with the Dragonfly!


Medical Intuitive Assessements


Facial, Foot, Ocular, Face Lifting

"Telephone" to the other side

Talk to your spirit guides and loved ones!

Bemer Mat Sessions

Increase circulation within your body!

Life Insight Sessions

Interactive Quantum Biofeedback

RIFE Sessions

Bija mantra core frequencies

Essential Oil Application Sessions

Aura Readings

Biofield Healing

Intuitive Readings

Entity Removal & House Clearing



LifeVantage, Juice Plus, LifePlus
Bemer Mat, Echo 2 Water System

Life Insight Applications

Life Insight, Relationship and Water Harmonizer, Essential Oil, Intention Motivator


Dragonfly box