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New Offering!  R.A.C.E. Program

Are you ready to RACE towards your transformation?  Jan will take you through a process that will enable you to empower yourself to  “heal” and reveal that which is required to surface in order for transformation to take place

Reveal and Recalibrate

Acknowledge and Aloha

Consent and Commitment

Evoke and Elan

Delve deep into the true nature of the emotions and “energetic congestion” that are holding you back from becoming and being the Real You.  This is done through intuition, Biofeedback Analysis and coaching.  By understanding how your subconscious mind is interpreting your past experiences and underlying emotions, we work to find the true nature of what is “in the way” and what is holding you back.  When the realizations and “aha moments” happen, positive movement and transformation will take place.  In other words, what might have been invisible is now visible and then it becomes “easier” to transform.  

Jan will meet you where you are at so that a strong and positive foundation can be built, upon which the new and transformed YOU can grow from.

…Remembering the Real You!


When you are  in any kind of mental or physical “PAIN,” “SUFFERING” or have that feeling of being lost…

You can easily forget who you really are


Let’s face it.  We are hit with all kinds of “situations” and “circumstances” every day that can “trigger” our “BELIEF SYSTEM  (Whether we are aware of it or not!)

It all boils down to the energies that we have been and are exposed to…

And yes, I’m talking energy!


We are all energy and we are surrounded by energy and sometimes it’s difficult to:

  • Discern what is ours and what is not
  • Identify what energies we have lingering with us that may be holding us back
  • Get enough clarity on a situation so that you can move forward

Are you ready to…

  • Live the life you really want
  • Transform negative emotions
  • Take your foot off the brake and accelerate your success
  • WELCOME TO THAT AHA MOMENT! (Where the vagus nerve kicks Into action… Where the mind and gut connection takes place!)

Bottom line – are you ready to move forward with your life? 

  • Understand the concept of Dis-ease in all aspects — mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Identify areas in your body that house “energetic congestion” and replace those areas with empowering thoughts and emotions
  • Recognize the root of the problem and break free from limitations so you can move forward with your life

…all with ease and grace

Introducing the new R.A.C.E. program… Take a dive deep into the energies that are holding you back. 

Sometimes people just need confirmation, more insight and a little bit of a different approach to reach that “Aha” moment, whether it about what they are feeling or “hearing” from someone who has passed, or even to bring to the surface what has been suppressed and surfaced afterwards as a health symptom. Sometimes people just need reminders, a little more insight and a “little” nudge.   I have a knack for seeing the larger picture and bringing everything in so that it all eventually makes sense…  That’s what I’m here for.
~ Jan Nadamoto

Coming Soon!  Light Language of Angels Course

Where Body, Mind, and Soul Meet

Be the SuperNatural You with your SuperNatural Alchemist, Jan!