Your “Supernatural Alchemist”

 Remembering the Real You!


Forgetting who you really are, an aspect of the divine, an inner beloved, is too easy, especially when you are in any kind of “pain”…

Are you ready to

Live the life you really want

Transform negative emotions

Take your foot off the brake and accelerate your success

Feel that AHA MOMENT (Where the vagus nerve kicks Into action and where the mind and gut connection takes place!)

Bottom line is this – are you ready to move forward with your life?  By understanding the concept of Dis-ease and by detecting your embodied blockages, Jan will move you to recognize the root of the problem.  You will break free from limitations, integrating and transforming difficult emotions with ease and grace, actualizing your most cherished wishes and dreams.


To quote Hamlet, The Readiness is All!


Coming Soon!  Light Language of Angels Course

Sometimes people just need confirmation, more insight and a little bit of a different approach to reach that “Aha” moment, whether it about what they are feeling or “hearing” from someone who has passed, or even to bring to the surface what has been suppressed and surfaced afterwards as a health symptom. Sometimes people just need reminders, a little more insight and a “little” nudge.   I have a knack for seeing the larger picture and bringing everything in so that it all eventually makes sense…  That’s what I’m here for.
~ Jan Nadamoto

Jan can offer you…

  • Intuitive Mediumship Readings – general or question specific.
  • Quantum Biofeedback sessions to uncover areas of emotional blockage.
    (Her work in the quantum field in combination with her Intuition can also lead to pinpointing the age when the disturbance began, often leading to and revealing the story behind the symptoms.)
  • Delivery of RIFE frequencies based on a doctor’s diagnosis if addressing a diagnosis and/or what Jan receives as guidance for support
  • Dragonfly sessions which like a telephone to the other side. Conversations with those who have passed on are also possible!
  • Retail products, gemstones, and more.
  • Overall scientific information about why Jan makes the recommendations that she does.
  • Specialized essential oil blends and salves infused with homeopathic frequencies.
  • Retreat and classes

Where Body, Mind, and Soul Meet

Be the SuperNatural You with your SuperNatural Alchemist, Jan!