Your “Supernatural Alchemist”

Become the SuperNatural You with Jan Nadamoto

After 18 years as a caregiver, and as a Certified Dream Builder and Life Mastery Coach, Jan Nadamoto understands what it means to love and honor yourself. Her therapy brings you into that “Aha Moment” to make magnificent life changes and become . . .


The Supernatural You !


As a gifted intuitive empath, a graduate of and former teacher at the College of Medical Intuition, a claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient medium and healer, she uses a variety of modalities in person or remotely to reconnect you to your perfect self. Jan’s guides work with your guides!

Along with her certifications as a massage therapist, facial, foot, ocular and hand reflexologist, Jan has been trained as well in cranial sacral therapy. She combines her intuition with reflexology, essential oils and other tools so you really never know what may come up in a session with Jan!

Much of her work is done in the Quantum Biofield. These unique, individually-tailored sessions provide therapy above and beyond typical massage or remote healing, gently bringing clients into mental and emotional balance.

She combines humor with her direct approach to sessions. as messages can get pretty intense. 


Jan can offer you…

  • Intuitive Mediumship Readings – general or question specific.
  • Quantum Biofeedback sessions to uncover areas of emotional blockage.
    (Her work in the quantum field in combination with her Intuition can also lead to pinpointing the age when the disturbance began, often leading to and revealing the story behind the symptoms.)
  • Delivery of RIFE frequencies based on a doctor’s diagnosis if addressing a diagnosis and/or what Jan receives as guidance for support
  • Dragonfly sessions which like a telephone to the other side. Conversations with those who have passed on are also possible!
  • Retail products, gemstones, and more.
  • Overall scientific information about why Jan makes the recommendations that she does.
  • Specialized essential oil blends and salves infused with homeopathic frequencies.
  • Retreat and classes

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