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Women’s Empowerment Online & In-Person Courses & Retreats


Exciting new S.I.P.S. Summer Series!  It’s virtual field trip time with Jan and Jenn!

We’ve planned 6 Funday Sundays beginning in June!  On each virtual field trip we will be connecting,  exploring and expanding your Soul, Intuition and Panache!  Along the way, you’ll unearth your unique Style!

Each class will be filled with fun activities that will elevate your senses to new “spectrums” of possibilities.

Picture yourself on a magical school bus, embarking on various journeys entering mystical worlds, learning new ways that you can communicate and receive information.

Connecting and sharing with your tribe… “reunited cause it feels so good…” 

Each field trip is unique and complete.  We will embark on each field trip at 2:30PM EST for 1 1/2 hours!


Each Field Trip is $37


July 3, 2022: Art Museum Field Trip

Explore the Art Museum and discover the many hidden messages in the paintings and sculptures.


July 17, 2022: Zoo Field Trip


Join us as we explore and discover new species and become a “mini me” Dr. Doolittle!


August 21, 2022: Lake Field Trip

Immerse yourself in underwater adventures!


September 4, 2022: Mountain Field Trip

Join us on a journey in the Four Directions! North, South, East and West!


September 18, 2022: Galaxy Field Trip

Next Stop: Your very own planetarium where you will embark on your journey! It’s gonna be outta this world! (Sorry – bad pun! 🙂 )


Harnessing the energies of Mt. Shasta

August 3, 2022 to August 8, 2022
See below for “Pre-Retreat• outings (not an official part of the retreat)

We invite you to experience the depths and origins of your soul!

3 FULL days of in-depth work and evenings of the 3 “R”‘s…1 free day with an option of joining Jennifer and Jan for a meditation at a nearby location in McCloud.

Reconnect with your star system origins and attain a deeper feeling of happiness and joy within your heart.

Remember the Peace in your heart and Recharge the song your heart sings. Reinvent the love affair with yourself and Return to your ancient wisdom and journey with your tribe You will be taken through processes that will help you activate your DNA by “Renewing and Refurbishing• your connection with your “home planet energies” in ways that you have never imagined.

We will also be doing meditations, activations, regressions and various other activities. You will also be taught a sampling of Samassati Protocols (Color therapy) amongst other methods to rebalance and recalibrate your energy … And, of course, we will be connecting with Mt. Shasta’s collective energy.

All of this will be conducted within an Intimate group setting (14 participants max) and within a safe space.

Investment includes 5 nights accommodation (Stoney Brook Inn in McCloud, CA), breakfast and retreat registration.

Early Bird (Florida and Hawaii time)*: $1,998
A Savings over over $700!
After May 25, 2022: $2,700

*By popular demand and going with Florida and Hawaii “timelines to get things done” we have extended the Early Bird rate until further notice!

We have shared room options for 2 or 3 people per room, on a limited basis. Please inquire for more information!

We will also be joining together informally for “Pre-retreat” outings from July 29, 2022 to August 3, 2022. Note that this is entirety optional. Contact us for additional information.


Groovin’ with Color Classes

Did you know that all colors are associated with different frequencies and that they can take us to different levels of consciousness and awareness?

Yes, color elevates our moods and sometimes can even help regulate our moods.  Infusing color into your body can remove blockages and allow the flow of energy throughout your body…  But in order to do this you will need to be “aware” and be open to the fullness of what colors can offer you.

Jennifer Solar and Jan Nadamoto of Allow and Flow will introduce you to the world of color in a unique fashion.  Both practitioners use color in different ways and together they encourage you to “see, feel and experience” color in your own way by incorporating modern and ancient methods.

These classes will cover the basics and advanced uses color in our everyday life to enhance the energy flow around us as well as the ability to use color with our personal body, mind and spirit approach.  It is packed with fun interactive exchanges and exercises to develop your own color palette! Jennifer and Jan will walk you through a process to help you discover how color infuses our lives and how to view colors in a different way.

You will never see colors in the same way again!

Are you ready to learn more about colors and how you connect with them?

Do you feel that there’s more to color than “just meets the eye?”

You will never see color(s) the same way again!


  • Channeled sessions
  • Energy techniques
  • Meridian and chakra colorpuncture
  • Colorlight methodology in Reflexology, aura integration and other practices such as Samassati Colorlight therapy.
  • Advanced intuitive energy testing using the pendulum and the body
  • And more!

Refresh L.I.F.E.



Ready to hit the “Refresh button” and catapult yourself into this year with a whole new perspective?


Are you ready to:

  • Listen to your heart?
  • Imagine the way you want to feel and the places and people you want to surround you?
  • Follow up daily with your storybook life?
  • Enjoy the emotional experience of dreaming and living larger each day?

Jennifer Solar and Jan Nadamoto are offering an Allow and Flow class to catapult you into the next year with L.I.F.E.   You will learn how to step into your life with a REFRESHED imagination and enjoyment through music, meditation, fun exercises and using your creative juices to paint a picture of your new story!  Jenn and Jan will be providing intuitive guidance for each and every one who participates. Everyone will walk away with tools to create their own personal “living” story-book because we are publishers of our own L.I.F.E which is always evolving.

…Are you ready to literally do a 360 degree turn and immerse yourself in your elevated blueprint?

Let’s create a vision for our life reimagined and anchor it in!
It’s more than a vision board, it’s more than story-telling…We’re taking it to the next level!  It’s your new life story!

You will learn how to stop dreaming in a glass dome or a fishbowl and realize the endless possibilities of your intentions!

Have you ever stopped to Listen closely to YOURSELF?
Have you ever Imagined walking in your dream every day?
How often do you Follow up with your fairy book life?
Do you Enjoy your life each day?





Casting Call for L.I.F.E. ™ Mini Retreat


We are now holding casting calls for YOUR “Walking Archetype”!

Understand the true YOU by identifying what archetypes you are playing out in each aspect of your L.I.F.E.TM, relationships and career/business.

Are you ready to gain clarity around the people you meet, situations you encounter and your conscious and unconscious reactions and discover how this all ties in with your lessons in life?

Identify the “characters” that are playing out in your life now.

Have you and do you understand why you may be encountering roadblocks in your life?
How do you relate to power, respond to authority and make choices?
Are you ready to empower yourself with the “Walking Archetypes”?

This online mini-retreat requires a willingness to transform and look deep within.  In the 3 – Touchstone Passport Duologues, Jan and Jennifer will guide you through your own personalized one on one experiential learning sessions.

Be fully present at your casting call and walk into L.I.F.E.™ to experience a new and revitalized YOU!

Touchstone Passport Duologues are one on one sessions with the client, Jan and Jennifer.  These intuitive sessions will contain channeled information, guidance and coaching.  (Individual sessions are scheduled after group classes are held.)

  • Touchstone Passport Duologues #1 – Open casting call – We will discover what characteristics you came in with when you entered this lifetime.  You could call it karma.  You could call it your life lessons.  It’s the challenges or obstacles that you are meant to overcome and/or learn from. Sometimes they are not as “apparent” as you would like. These are things that we go deeper into in these sessions.
  • Touchstone Passport Duologues #2 – Open casting call – This is where we dive into your desired  “Walking Archetype.”  Which characteristics do you truly desire to transform within you?
  • Touchstone Passport Duologues #3 – Rehearsal and clearing – We will tap into the underlying emotions that may be keeping you in a “holding pattern” and we will provide tools for you to use and enhance your L.I.F.E.™

Jennifer and Jan designed this mini-retreat to inspire and transform YOUR own L.I.F.E.™ !

Please inquire about additional discounts on this class if you are attending the “Harnessing the energies of Mt. Shasta Retreat!”